Student Life

Aquinas Program

The Aquinas Society is an umbrella program of the Diocese of Brooklyn that exists to promote excellence in education by providing intellectually engaging experiences for students who are academically capable of advanced work, as well as those students who are committed to developing their unique gifts and talents. Aquinas members are students who have shown the potential for an exceptional level of performance in one or more areas of expression. Named in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas, participating students must have an average of 90 and above on report card grades, score in the 75th percentile or above on the Terra Nova Common Core Test, and be recommended by two teachers. Nearly 450 students from 40 Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens participate each year.

An Aquinas Member is a steward, one who receives God’s gifts gratefully cultivates them responsibility, shares them in loving justice with others, and returns them with joy to the Lord.

Children’s Choir

The Saint Kevin’s Children’s Choir sing at the 10 o’clock Mass on Sundays as well as at our Christmas concert, at Confirmation and various other special events throughout the year. Students should be in the third through eighth grade.

The students rehearse every Tuesday from 2:30 to 4:30 in St. Kevin Church. The Choir begins in mid-September and ends in mid-June.

Good behavior and attendance is very important. Voice training is part of the rehearsal as well as some basic music instruction.

Anyone interested in assisting the music program at St. Kevin in any way is encouraged to contact the Director and organist, Tom Sexton, one of our cantors or a choir member. All can lead you in the right direction. Additionally, you may leave your name and phone number at the rectory or with a choir member so that you can be contacted.

Math 9

Our Math 9 program is taught after school one afternoon a week. The program challenges students with an affinity for math to go beyond their daily classwork and delve into high school level algebra so that they are able to use and understand math in all of areas of their lives.

We closely adhere to the curriculum set by the New York State Department of Education. This curriculum helps students develop an integrated understanding of mathematics as they study algebra and prepare for high school.

Regents Earth Science

St. Kevin Catholic Academy is proud to participate in a program with Holy Cross High School in the “Network for Education Advancement” that allows four to six eighth grade students from our school and several of the local Catholic elementary schools to prepare for and take the NYS Earth Science Regents in June at Holy Cross High School.

The Earth Science Regents is taken in high school, this program allows qualifying students the opportunity for advancement. The laboratory hours are completed at Holy Cross and the content portion of the course is taught here at St. Kevinʼs one day a week for one and a half hours after school.

LabLearner Discovery Lab

We have installed our very own LabLearner Discovery Lab, available to our kindergarten through eighth-grade students! This is an exciting time for all of us at St. Kevin Catholic Academy, and we hope that this new lab will introduce to our students a new world of learning and fun! Check out this article by NYMetroParents featuring our new lab.


Cub Scouts: The Cub Scouts meet on Wednesday nights, in the Parish Center, September through June. Please contact Ed Byrne at (718) 224-8809 for additional information.

Girl Scouts: Girl Scouting has a long tradition at St. Kevin. From Daisies (Kindergarten) to Seniors (High School), there are over 100 girls in the program led by trained volunteer leaders. The girls are afforded the opportunity to learn new skills, go on trips and participate in many different activities including camping and community service projects. Please contact Mrs. Roseanne Smith at (718) 279-4581.

Boy Scouts: Meet on Thursday evenings at St. Kevin’s. Trained parent leaders work with the boys to provide a well organized, fun filled atmosphere in which they learn the principles of scouting, including developing leadership skills, strengthening their faith and providing services to our parish community. Please contact Ed Byrne at (718) 224 8809 for additional information.