August 15th Message

The Board of Directors at Saint Kevin Catholic Academy extends a very warm greeting to all our new families and we are so pleased to welcome back so many of our returning families. This is our third year as an independent Academy with very strong ties to our Saint Kevin Parish. We are so appreciative of the support and commitment to Catholic education of our Parish family and we never want to overlook the wonderful gift of the over 75 years that this fine institution has been in the Auburndale community. Our task, as the Board of Directors, working closely with our Members Bishop Raymond Chappetto and Father John Costello, is to continue the efforts to increase enrollment and offer the quality education at an affordable cost as we have in past years.

In our previous article we introduced our five new board members. At the end of this school year, with their term of office expiring, two of the Board member chose not to seek another term and tended their resignation. Both of these Directors were with us for longer then their terms of office called for so we are most grateful for their sacrifice and years of service and we wish them all good things as they go on to other responsibilities. Mrs. Crystal Gaskin, who is a Special Ed teacher, will continue with the NYC Department of Education and have a little more free time for herself.  Ms. Melissa Vollaro, an Administrative Assistant to the Principal of a neighboring school, said that she has benefitted from her service at St. Kevin and will be in an optimum position to assist as Our Lady of Snows transitions from a Parish School to an independent Academy. These resignations will result in our seeking suitable and willing candidates to fill these important positions.

Ms. Vollaro was the Board of Directors Financial Secretary and Mrs. Maria Nicolosi has agreed to fill this position. She will also co-chair the Finance sub-committee. Mrs. Gaskin’s served as  the Board’s Recording Secretary and this position will be filled by Mr. Andy Kotowicz. He will also co-chair the Facility sub-committee with Mr. Fitzgerald. As I previously said their willingness to volunteer time and talent in addition to their other obligations is greatly appreciated. Our St. Kevin Catholic Academy is very blessed to have these wonderful caring members on the Board of Directors.

Hugh M. McGowan, Ph.D.