Students who score below a certain criteria on the New York State Assessment Math, ELA and/or Science tests will be required to have Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and will be retested the following year. Other students who are considered at risk or are struggling may also be provided with remediation. Sometimes students will need home tutoring in order to reinforce that which is being taught in school.

St. Kevin Catholic Academy has a SEIT teacher who works in the school.
If you have concerns about your child’s academic difficulties, suspect they may require additional support services and would like your child to be evaluated, parents can request a Committee on Special Education Evaluation. Parents can call or write a letter to the Committee on Special Education or Committee on Preschool Education:

Esther Morrell
District Office
30-48 Linden Place Flushing, NY, 11354 [email protected]

If your child has been identified as a Student with Special Needs or you feel they may benefit from a special education service, please contact the Principal or teacher with your concerns. It is our policy to assure that each child’s IEP/IESP/504 Plan is implemented correctly. Please make sure your child’s teacher is aware of any services or modifications to which they are entitled.



If a student appears to require psychological intervention, the parent should contact the Principal or teacher who will then assist in obtaining the appropriate services.