Dear Families and Friends of St. Kevin Catholic Academy,

Welcome to St. Kevin Catholic Academy! As you visit the different spaces of our web-site, you will notice the many exciting activities that are taking place in our school. First and foremost, these activities represent our staff’s commitment to uphold our Catholic identity in all that we do. We are proud to offer our students a strong academic curriculum that integrates the teachings and values of our Catholic faith. We remain vigilant about preserving and strengthening our Catholic identity in every aspect of our school life and passing down the strong traditions of our faith to our children.

We are very proud of the academic programs which our school offers. Students begin in our nursery program and continue on to our free all-day PRE-K for ALL (PKA) Program. From there, they enter grades K-8 where they are afforded a challenging literacy, math, science and social studies curriculum. These programs prepare our children for success in meeting the rigorous demands of the Common Core Standards. Our comprehensive programs in music and visual arts enrich our students’ lives with many aesthetic experiences. Our physical education program provides the opportunity to instruct our students in healthy life styles while our Spanish World Language Program empowers them with the skills to begin to communicate in a language other than English and make them sensitive to other cultures. Our technology/computer program not only enhances our classroom lessons but also offers the students the opportunity to develop their research and computer skills. In addition, our Junior High School students enjoy a unique one-to-one link to their own  chrome book in their classroom.  Earlier grades are using I-Pads and chromebooks as part of their technology program.

Our staff is eager to provide each student with all that he/she needs in order to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally. We invite you to join the St. Kevin Catholic Academy family by having your child enroll in our high-achieving school.

Your child deserves to be at St. Kevin Catholic Academy!

Sincerely yours,

Thomas R. Piro, Ph.D. Principal