Teacher Shout Out!!


We want to show our teachers how much their hard work and dedication to digital learning is paying off. What better way to show them, than praise and appreciation from their awesome students and parents. Here are our first two letters for Mrs. Horsham (Pre-k), Mrs. Anne (Pre-K), and Mrs. Pearsall (2nd). We appreciate all that you do for our school, our students, and our families! ❤️

Mrs Horsham and Mrs Anne,
I wanted to let you know that Mrs Horsham and Mrs Anne have been doing an amazing job! She has been keeping connecting with us everyday on Class Dojo. She is quick to reply with any questions and comments. The lessons we have been teaching are easy to understand and fun to complete. Her lessons and recommendations on activities have been making the quarantine a lot more fun! Thank you to Mrs Horsham and Mrs Anne for going above and beyond!

I am personally super impressed with how fast Ms. Pearsall and SKCA transitioned over to google classroom. I think she tries to really have the children engage and do things outside of what they would probably do in the class to make it fun. She is also extremely flexible with my schedule since I still have to report to work, I can not always help Daniel in the morning. I am grateful for all that she is doing and all the work she’s putting into setting up each power point and lessons!

We will be posting at least one letter a day! If you think your teachers are going above and beyond and want to show them some appreciation, you can write your letter to the email stkevinschool@yahoo.com.

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Happy Learning!!